Schedule of Global Events, Retreats, and Masterminds


Win Win Women Gathering: Women United – The Power of Sisterhood

This VIRTUAL Gathering is designed to empower women to explore the Joy and strength of Sisterhood. As we connect with women of all nations, our goal is to lead women to the path of self-discovery that will cause women to excel in every area of their lives.

Crystal Lake, IL, USA

Win Win Women Gathering: Living My Best Life

“Living My Best Life” is a day dedicated to personal growth, happiness, and creating a life filled with purpose and fulfillment. If you are seeking inspiration, looking to make positive changes, or want to enjoy a day of celebration, this event promises to leave you feeling uplifted and motivated to

Calgary, Canada

Win Win Women Gathering: Conflict Resolution with The Dancing Negotiator!

At this gathering, you'll learn valuable techniques and strategies to resolve conflicts in your personal and professional life. The Dancing Negotiator will share her expertise and guide you through interactive exercises that will empower you to find win-win solutions in any situation.

Independence, OH, USA

Win Win Women Celebration: Launching Leaders Conference

An encouraging leadership conference for new entrepreneurs or those already engaged in a small business. Let's celebrate your wins and equip you to launch even further!


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