Share in the Reward for Helping Women Worldwide with our Community Funding Profit Program

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Directly Support the Women of the World
While Experiencing a Possible Return on Your Investment

Experts, coaches, course creators, and business influencers worldwide are helping women entrepreneurs in every nation expand their influence by connecting them with the Win Win Women Network. And you can support that mission by participating in our Community Funding Profit Program.

Investing in girls' and women’s education can transform and even save lives — the lives of girls and women and the lives of their families and communities.

Win Win women team

What is Win Win Women?

Win Win Women is an interactive global women’s network and international community. Our expert Show Hosts use eight platforms to reach, teach, and talk with women worldwide to help them find solutions for the challenges in every area of their lives, personally and professionally.

As a Win Win Women Community Funding Profit Program Shareholder, you’ll directly support the growth and empowerment of the world’s women. Your Investment generously aids all women, especially female business owners who want to reach  a global audience with the opportunity to have their own international, weekly Show.

You now can invest in a fast-growing company owned by women.

10% Commission

10% of Profit

10% of our profit is available to our partners participating in our program.

Free Affiliate Membership

1,000 Shares Available

Be one of the first and few to grab a Community Funding Share.

Access to Marketing Resources

Payouts at 80% Sold

Payouts can begin once 80% of our shares our sold.

The Win Win Women Community Funding Program is Perfect for You if You:

Show Chip bonus

Every FULL net revenue share purchased as part of the Community Funding Profit Program also receives a Show Chip. A Show Chip is a scholarship opportunity for the buyer to have a Show on Win Win Women for one year if qualified. If the buyer does not use the Show Chip, they may give it to a qualified woman.


If I’m not ready to do a Show yet, can I still sign up and use it when I am?

Yes, just email when you’re ready.

If I buy more than 1 share, do I get a Show Host Chip per share?

You receive a Show Host Sponsor Chip per purchase, so if you do $5,000 for 5 shares – that is 1 Chip. If you do 3 purchases of 1 share at $2,967 at different times – that is 3 Chips.

How many shares can I buy?

You can buy as many shares as you want, as often as you want – up to the REMAINING shares from the original 1,000.

Am I able to transfer my shares either voluntarily or as a result of death?

Yes, as per the Agreement. Your shares are transferable as a full unit – you cannot break apart and distribute individual shares. However, you can transfer the entire purchase either while alive or in the case of death; you can stipulate this in your will. If you purchased separate shares, not as a cumulative unit, those are transferable individually.

If I’m already a Show Host, how does the Show eligibility apply to me?

You will be able to give a Show Chip to another person that applies. A person that is not able to purchase can receive your Show Chip. You will be involved in the selection process.

If I apply for a Show and I’m not qualified yet for live appearances, what happens?

We provide training to get you ready and will have access to our Speaker & Business Development School.

When will payouts begin?

Payouts will begin when the funding reaches 80% of its target, every quarter, based on new income generated from that point moving forward.

Can I refer this to my friends or other people who would be interested?

Yes you can. In fact when you do, there is a referral fee possibility if they proceed and participate. We know you would have referred it anyway, but we are always about a WIN WIN.

So why are you waiting?

Share in the reward for helping women worldwide and become a Win Win Women Community Funding Profit Program Shareholder today.

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