5 Ways to Get ‘Me Time’ as a Mom

As a mom, you’re always making your kids and families a priority, but it’s important to also make time for yourself!

Here are 5 ways to get that “me time” during the week.

The first thing busy working moms sacrifice? Time for themselves. So how do you manage to carve out enough time to relax and recharge? It’s not as impossible as it seems. Here are some simple ideas to find time to spend on that most important person in your life, you. Here are 5 excellent ways to make time for yourself:

  1. Cool off after work. Use the last several minutes at the office to unwind before picking up your child. Call a good friend to catch up with her life and see how her day went. If you have a sitter, have her stay an extra few minutes so you can change, wash up, and simply take a breather.
  2. Trade for time. Try trading off an evening of babysitting with someone you know and trust. You watch their children for an evening while they get a little free time, and then on another evening they watch your child. You’ll finally find time to do some shopping or cuddle up with a warm drink and read that book you keeping looking at on your bed stand.
  3. Create an off-limits space. Whether it’s a cushy chair in the corner of your bedroom or a warm spot in your backyard garden, let your family know that when you retreat there, it’s a sign that you need some alone time.
  4. Make use of the alone time you already have. Listen to books-on-tape or put in your favorite CD during your commute. Bring a book to read, or even your journal, to the doctor’s office and read or write while you wait. When you’re in that long line at the post office, instead of getting upset use the time to think back on some of your favorite memories.
  5. Use time-saving shortcuts. Being smart about the way you do things can free up some extra time. You can set the breakfast table at night before you go to bed. Set out the bowls, glasses, silverware and cereal boxes that night. Then, use the extra time in the morning to meditate, exercise, or simply relax before a long day at work.
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